The start of the project

More often than not the start of the project will be one that looks like it goes the slowest.


Before Contractors actually get to the point where they can begin on the building itself there is a lot of prep work that has to happen.

This first begins with all the dirt work.

A grade will need to be set that will ultimately determine the height of the building when complete, and the slope of all the land around it for rain and drainage.  This will involve lots of heavy equipment and take many days.  To the untrained eye this will look like not much is being done and the contractors are slacking.  This is absolutely not the case, it is just a stage where the work that is being accomplished is not that visible.

After the Grade is set and most of the land is prepped they will begin digging for the electrical and plumbing connections.  These will often have to tie in to the street somewhere and be brought in from there.  Once all that is finally in place and inspected, the dirt can be pushed back and the prep for the actual foundation can begin.

These are imperative steps as the plumbing and electrical stub ups need to be in the right place even though no walls are built yet.  It can get difficult and a little tricky at times to make sure these are correct.

Also keep in mind that contractors are unable to do any of this in the rain so if you live in a rainy are then this process can go even slower.

But back to the beginning before all this process starts even when the contractor is released to begin work, sometimes there’s not just a nice empty patch of dirt waiting on us.  Sometimes we have to clear that land and get it prepped and ready for the dirt work.  Sometimes we roll up and find a bunch of trees there and we need to get them out of the way.  It is important for Contractors to have good connections in all industries, like a guy for lot clearing.  He can come in in a few days or maybe a week and have a bunch of trees gone so your guys can get in there and get started.

But remember when a new building gets built that there is always prep before prep before prep and a lot of work has to go into the area before the first brick ever gets laid.

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